A coherent outfit could make all the difference to your style

A coherent outfit could make all the difference to your style.

People talk about clothes and outfits being ‘easy on the eye’ – when you look at an outfit, it just feels right.

Something about it just works. It’s what people call ‘put together’.

It’s like a great meal, or a beautiful artwork. People know it when they taste it or see it, but they don’t necessarily know how to get there or to create it themselves.

Not to worry, you don’t need to become Monet or Matisse to develop a great sense of coherence in your outfits.

But you do need to know a bit about who you are right now. If you’re going to get that sense of wholeness and coherence about your look, then you’ve got to get clear about what’s distracting and confusing.

One of the most obvious ways that people get confused about their style is when they’re choosing their colours.

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