Travel in style

With Style Travel you can keep enjoying your gorgeous style all year round. I'll make sure you always have beautiful options to choose from.

Reignite your passion for fashion
Confidence in your wardrobe
Seasonal wardrobe edits
Ready for any occasion

Does this sound familiar?

In time, you would like to add to your collection
You want each outfit to be fantastic for you
You want to enjoy your looks, whatever the occasion

Designed to keep your style elevated

Enjoy regular styling throughout the year to be excited about your look every day

Packages & Pricing



for 12 months

One Seasonal Wardrobe Edit
Two shopping trips
Summer and Winter video style tips
Two Insider Style Hunts
Text advice on Tuesdays
Valued at over $2,000



for 12 months

Two Seasonal Wardrobe Edits to cover Summer and Winter
Three shopping trips
Video style tips for every season
Three Insider Style Hunts
Text advice six days a week
Priority dates and the option to repurpose any of your styling time
VIP access to promotions and events
Valued at over $3,000

How it works

1. Click the 'Take me to Style Travel' button

Click on any of the Take me to Style Travel buttons, which will generate an email to let us know you are interested and which Style Travel package you would like.

2. We’ll be in touch

Once we hear from you about your preferred Style Travel package, we’ll get in touch to get you set up and ready to go.

3. Enjoy being excited about your style every day

Expect regular touchpoints throughout the year as we do the thinking for you and you enjoy the results.

It's not just what you buy, it's how you put it together

Now that we have worked together you can be so much clearer about what to buy. Sometimes the challenge is in knowing how to put it all together and make your options work best for you.

By continuing to work together we can make sure your wardrobe keeps serving you gorgeous options. You will spend less time thinking about your style and more time enjoying it.