Hourly Rate Styling

Hourly Rate Styling is offered to existing clients, as a way to keep your looks fresh

You can use your Hourly Rate Styling for any styling you can think of…. 

• In-person or online shopping – Continue your fabulous shopping experiences with the well-loved Pre-Shop. Get more out of your shopping trips by letting me doing the hard work.

• Special occasions – Do you have an occasion coming up – a night out or a special event? Give me a chance to find you a gorgeous outfit that shows you off perfectly.

• Advice on looks – Would you like to run a few looks by me? Do you need some wardrobe curation? I’ll give you expert advice to create outfits that inspire you.

• Lookbook creation – Would you like to see options for outfits you could enjoy? Together we’ll create looks that really work to bring out your own gorgeous personal style.

• Wardrobe Edit – Would you like a trained eye to tell you whether that item is actually worth keeping?

The minimum hourly rate booking is 2 hours. This is usually the right amount of time to achieve your next styling goal together, and makes sense when there is travel involved. I can also do online styling in 1 hour blocks.    

The current rate is $155 NZD / AUD (including GST) per hour.

If you would like to take up Hourly Rate Styling, let’s chat. Get in touch.