Hourly Rate Styling

Now that you have your Style Passport you have the option to take up personal styling on an hourly rate.

• Online or in-person shopping – Continue your fabulous shopping experiences with the well-loved Pre-Shop. Get more out of your shopping trips by letting me doing the hard work.

• Outfit creation – Do you have an occasion coming up – a night out or a special event? Give me a chance to find you a gorgeous outfit that shows you off perfectly.

• Wardrobe advice – Would you like to run a few looks by me? Do you need some wardrobe curation? I’ll give you expert advice to create outfits that inspire you.

• Look-book creation – Would you like to see options for outfits you could enjoy? Together we’ll create looks that really work to bring out your own gorgeous personal style.

• Shopping assistance – Would you like a trained eye to tell you whether that item is actually worth buying? I’ll provide you with shopping assistance. We can even do this without me being there if you like.

With your Style Passport, you have what you need to go further with your personal style.

We will book your hourly-rate sessions in one-hour multiples (e.g. 1, 2 or 3 hours) and the minimum length of time is one hour. The current rate is $130 NZD / AUD (including GST) per hour.

If you would like to take up Hourly Rate Styling, let’s chat. Get in touch.