Elevate your brand


Discover how to elevate your brand through your personal image

We all know our personal image communicates a powerful message.

Despite its importance, we usually have to figure it out on our own. 

Until now. 

The Brand Crafting Masterclass is a five-week webinar series in which you can discover how to elevate your personal brand.

Sharing the tools you need

This is for you if:  

  • Your image is an important career tool
  • You want to attract opportunities in your professional and personal life
  • Life would be easier if you could be understood at a glance
  • It would be nice to spend less time and stress on clothes

Answering your burning questions

This series will address: 

  • The foundations of personal branding 
  • Key ways to elevate your personal image 
  • How to create a cohesive look that works for your life
  • Tricks to save time when shopping 
  • Presenting on stage and TV 
  • Packing for work travel 
  • Maintaining your image over time

Introductory pricing available for a limited time

If you are seeing this page, you have the opportunity to take up the introductory pricing offer, which is available for a limited time while I test for interest. 

“I just had a fantastic video call session with Nina, who I found extremely knowledgeable and engaging.”


“It was amazing to experience how focused your shopping could be armed with that knowledge!”


“Nina is professional, respectful, willing to go above and beyond and the value her knowledge and skill has brought has been well above what I paid. “


“We had an amazing shopping experience with Nina and had so much fun in a relaxed way. Highly recommend Nina.”


Recorded webinar format

Each of the masterclass sessions is a recorded session, originally delivered to a live audience. You will see the presenter (myself) and a series of slides to help convey the concepts. 

Sessions sent to you weekly

The masterclass is currently being recorded, finishing up on 23 November. While we’re in recording you’ll receive email updates. Following recording the masterclass series will be available on a learning platform. 

Bonus personal image checklist

The masterclass series delivers five weeks of answers to your burning questions about how to elevate your brand through your personal image. You’ll also receive a personal image checklist to check your current progress. 

Nina Fountain is a professional Personal Stylist with seven years of experience styling women locally in Wellington, NZ and around the world via online styling. Nina wears two hats. As well as being the Personal Stylist at Style Gorgeous, she works as a Management Consultant with medium to large businesses. She has appeared on TV three times including a live appearance on The AM Show.

Is it time to elevate your personal image?


I was feeling uninspired with what I had in my wardrobe, I had no confidence. I was stuck in a weird place of ‘I don’t’ knows’. It felt like everything I put on wasn’t good or wasn’t right! Nina’s prior-to-shopping


Before I worked with Nina, I had a wardrobe full of clothes that were nice enough, but I didn’t feel good about them, and I wasn’t exactly sure why I wasn’t reaching for them. It was that classic problem of


I wish I could rate Nina 6 stars! I went to her because I felt completely clueless and overwhelmed when I went clothes shopping, but after a few sessions, Nina has transformed my image to reflect my personality. She has


Nina helped me refresh my wardrobe and colours. She was very easy to work with and totally flexible with timings. She helped me pick out some fabulous pieces and taught me how to combine them to make my own personal


Nina, you were wonderful at being so flexible, open-minded and receptive to anything I presented, including the limited time and opportunity I had for shopping. It was amazing to see that you could assess and change to suit once we


Nina was great through the whole process, taking the time to really listen to the look I wanted to achieve to suit my personality and reflect it in my clothes choices. I had come to a standstill with my wardrobe


Style Gorgeous came highly recommended to me and I can see why! I just had a fantastic video call session with Nina, who I found extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Her service was value added and I’m excited to explore her


Choosing Nina as my stylist was one of the best investments I made over the last year! I knew what looked good on me but my styling range was so narrow and predictable – I wanted to change things up.

Ute Lambrecht July 2018


I had been struggling with loving my clothes – I felt I was wasting money – getting way more misses than hits. It felt like a big step to use the services of a Personal Stylist, however after seeing such


I contacted Nina because I felt like my wardrobe needed a lift and I didn’t quite know how to do it or where to start. From the minute I contacted Nina she made me feel at ease and comfortable with


A post baby body change left me confused with what suited me and lacking in confidence with what to put together. Nina completely sorted me and my wardrobe out. Nina taught me how to complete and accessorize the right looks


I knew what I liked & didn’t want to lose those clothes. However, Nina facilitated a great session where she concentrated on what I liked and who I am. Nina’s service was over and above what I was expecting. It


What a pleasure working with Nina – I have cleaned out my wardrobe to a third of what it is and I have more to wear! Nina really knows her stuff and I have learned how to work with my


I decided to work with Nina because I wanted to get a few good outfits for work and maybe casual/going out, and learn what suits my figure and what I can feel comfortable in. The best thing about my new


My styling experience with Nina has been awesome;) I found Nina to be warm, open and professional. She is an expert stylist with a pragmatic approach and great people skills. Understanding my style and colours has made such a huge


I didn’t know what to expect to be honest and it was so much more than I could ever have imagined getting to meet Nina and see her passion for helping others. Give it a go! You have nothing to


The experience was so, so wonderful! I felt completely at ease, listened to and encouraged throughout the whole process! I felt so much more confident in myself and my ability to present myself how I want to feel. Nina was


Nina’s gentle, informed approach completely won me over. The resulting colour palette was perfect for me, despite my strong desire to have it otherwise. Since changing colours I am thrilled to be receiving compliments AND I now dress with confidence..


Nina at Style Gorgeous is incredible. I had a unique request and she was able to tailor her service to what I needed in both personal styling and to benefit my business. Nina is professional, respectful, willing to go above


From the outset Nina was professional. She was through in her approach and followed up an email with a phone call to ascertain what we wanted from our session. Nina listened to what we wanted to achieve and took us


Nina helped me to define and express my style after losing quite a bit of weight, by having a look at my existing wardrobe, my style icons, and establishing my colours and body shape. I now have a more direct

Helen L


Nina is an amazing stylist. Whether you are looking to get up to date with the styles this season, dressing for success or looking to find out what kind of style flatters your body type and skin tone – Style

Coco Kristen profile July 18


My partner had a great time with Nina, thought her advice in clothing was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed her shopping