Get to know your Style Synergy Type

Gorgeous personal style doesn’t have to be so hard

You too could create your own stunning style, without a stylist, by tailoring your style to your personality.

Personal style can be incredibly elusive – we’re not born with an innate ability to dress ourselves to look amazing, although some people seem to have that ability – how do they do it?

Finding your exceptional personal style, the one you want to project to the world, can seem a long way out of reach. 

Perhaps those people you admire engaged a Personal Stylist. That’s great, but how do you know a stylist wouldn’t be judgy, expensive and dress you to look the same as everyone else? 

It might just be easier to solve this problem yourself. Especially when it might only take you one afternoon!  

I discovered how to be my own stylist first

Gorgeous style has always meant a lot to me, but for a while I just couldn’t get it right.

By the time I got to my early 20s I had spent literally thousands of dollars on clothes I didn’t really care much about.

When you add up how much money is sitting in your closet in clothes you don’t wear, it can be quite shocking.

At the same time I wanted to ‘up my game’ professionally, and truly love my outfits. This set me up for a styling journey, during which I became a Personal Stylist. 

The Style Synergy types are my latest powerful styling tool for women who want to fully step into their most exceptional selves. It has been seven years in the making. The system builds on my work styling hundreds of amazing women and my professional studies in psychology.

You could access a roadmap that will bring your authentic style to life

Your particular Style Synergy Profile Guide plays out in all areas of your personal style: how you choose colours, prints, textures, fits and looks and how you dress for social occasions.

That’s a lot of decisions to make. And it can be hard to make those decisions when this is all fresh and new. 

What if someone has already outlined how to align with your style profile? 

Imagine this: 

  • A Leadership Coach talks you through a key tactic that successfully brings a wayward team member into alignment.
  • An Interior Designer paints a picture of your lounge room that lets you fall in love with it again.
  • A half-day seminar with a visiting speaker teaches you a self-management skill that leads to falling asleep each night with a smile.

In those moments, you feel empowered and excited for the future. 

Because the impact of professional advice is powerful.

And it can save a huge amount of hassle.  Especially when that guidance has been refined through years of experience.

This tailored guide will show you how to build a style that resonates with you and people around you

When you step into your own authentically gorgeous style, people can’t help but notice. Your coherent, powerful self shows up.

The Style Synergy Profile guide is a downloadable PDF full of tips on how to bring your style type to life. You’ll find specific examples of what to do in each area of your style. 

This is a guide that saves you the hard work of envisaging what is right for you and what no longer works. 

It will take you less than 20 minutes to go through, and an afternoon to apply – it might even take you less time. 

By going through the guide you will have the tools to:  

  • Feel gorgeous: I would love to help you banish that feeling of being frumpy or ill-at-ease in your clothes. With gorgeous personal style you can turn up to work and play, confident that you look fabulous.
  • Transform perceptions: Alter how your colleagues, friends, and even you see yourself by turning up as the ‘real you’. You’ll feel the power and ease that comes with commanding respect and being easily understood. 
  • Shop smartly: Gone will be the days of aimlessly buying pieces you end up disliking. You’ll be much clearer on precisely what you’re looking for, enabling you to stop wasting money on regrettable purchases and start investing in pieces that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.
  • Achieve quick results: Believe it or not, you can overhaul your style in the span of just one afternoon – the Application section will show you how.

Your profile guide covers every element of your personal style

Your Style Synergy Profile Guide will give you clear guidance on how to apply your Style Synergy Profile to all the essential elements of your personal style: 

  • Colours 
  • Patterns and prints
  • Textures
  • How clothes fit your body
  • Look creation and silhouettes
  • Dressing for social occasions 
  • Understanding your style identity 

Together we will leave no stone unturned, to ensure that you achieve complete alignment between your style and your personality. 

Create a clear style that you can be confident in, for less than the price of a new top.

Pre-sale: Your purchase today ensures you will be one of the first people to receive the guide

Your Style Synergy Profile Guide is in development and will reach you before 5 October. Be one of the first to receive it!

Money-back guarantee

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  • Q: Which psychological traits is this style personality system based on? A: The Style Synergy system is based on the five factors of personality, known as the ‘Big Five’ or ‘OCEAN’ model. The traits are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. The quiz questions focus on the first four traits, because they align with discernible stylistic preferences. 
  • Q: Could I use any of the guides? A: Your Style Synergy Type is distinct and personal. Each of the style types have very different ways of styling themselves, including for social occasions. I strongly advise using the guide that is tailored for your Style Synergy Profile.
  • Q: I have another question, who can I ask? A: We would love to respond to your questions. You can email them through to


I was feeling uninspired with what I had in my wardrobe, I had no confidence. I was stuck in a weird place of ‘I don’t’ knows’. It felt like everything I put on wasn’t good or wasn’t right! Nina’s prior-to-shopping


Before I worked with Nina, I had a wardrobe full of clothes that were nice enough, but I didn’t feel good about them, and I wasn’t exactly sure why I wasn’t reaching for them. It was that classic problem of


I wish I could rate Nina 6 stars! I went to her because I felt completely clueless and overwhelmed when I went clothes shopping, but after a few sessions, Nina has transformed my image to reflect my personality. She has


Nina helped me refresh my wardrobe and colours. She was very easy to work with and totally flexible with timings. She helped me pick out some fabulous pieces and taught me how to combine them to make my own personal


Nina, you were wonderful at being so flexible, open-minded and receptive to anything I presented, including the limited time and opportunity I had for shopping. It was amazing to see that you could assess and change to suit once we


Nina was great through the whole process, taking the time to really listen to the look I wanted to achieve to suit my personality and reflect it in my clothes choices. I had come to a standstill with my wardrobe


Style Gorgeous came highly recommended to me and I can see why! I just had a fantastic video call session with Nina, who I found extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Her service was value added and I’m excited to explore her


Choosing Nina as my stylist was one of the best investments I made over the last year! I knew what looked good on me but my styling range was so narrow and predictable – I wanted to change things up.

Ute Lambrecht July 2018


I had been struggling with loving my clothes – I felt I was wasting money – getting way more misses than hits. It felt like a big step to use the services of a Personal Stylist, however after seeing such


I contacted Nina because I felt like my wardrobe needed a lift and I didn’t quite know how to do it or where to start. From the minute I contacted Nina she made me feel at ease and comfortable with


A post baby body change left me confused with what suited me and lacking in confidence with what to put together. Nina completely sorted me and my wardrobe out. Nina taught me how to complete and accessorize the right looks


I knew what I liked & didn’t want to lose those clothes. However, Nina facilitated a great session where she concentrated on what I liked and who I am. Nina’s service was over and above what I was expecting. It


What a pleasure working with Nina – I have cleaned out my wardrobe to a third of what it is and I have more to wear! Nina really knows her stuff and I have learned how to work with my


I decided to work with Nina because I wanted to get a few good outfits for work and maybe casual/going out, and learn what suits my figure and what I can feel comfortable in. The best thing about my new


My styling experience with Nina has been awesome;) I found Nina to be warm, open and professional. She is an expert stylist with a pragmatic approach and great people skills. Understanding my style and colours has made such a huge


I didn’t know what to expect to be honest and it was so much more than I could ever have imagined getting to meet Nina and see her passion for helping others. Give it a go! You have nothing to


The experience was so, so wonderful! I felt completely at ease, listened to and encouraged throughout the whole process! I felt so much more confident in myself and my ability to present myself how I want to feel. Nina was


Nina’s gentle, informed approach completely won me over. The resulting colour palette was perfect for me, despite my strong desire to have it otherwise. Since changing colours I am thrilled to be receiving compliments AND I now dress with confidence..


Nina at Style Gorgeous is incredible. I had a unique request and she was able to tailor her service to what I needed in both personal styling and to benefit my business. Nina is professional, respectful, willing to go above


From the outset Nina was professional. She was through in her approach and followed up an email with a phone call to ascertain what we wanted from our session. Nina listened to what we wanted to achieve and took us


Nina helped me to define and express my style after losing quite a bit of weight, by having a look at my existing wardrobe, my style icons, and establishing my colours and body shape. I now have a more direct

Helen L


Nina is an amazing stylist. Whether you are looking to get up to date with the styles this season, dressing for success or looking to find out what kind of style flatters your body type and skin tone – Style

Coco Kristen profile July 18


My partner had a great time with Nina, thought her advice in clothing was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed her shopping