My workmate complimented me on Monday

I decided to work with Nina because I wanted to get a few good outfits for work and maybe casual/going out, and learn what suits my figure and what I can feel comfortable in. We managed to find a few tops and a vinyl jacket that definitely appeal to the style I like – that bit of edge! I used to hate shopping but now I am actually keen to go out shopping again!  

I now know what style of trousers and the type of tops that best suit my figure, and the colours that I would suit, as I know my season now. The best thing about my new clothes and outfits is I know that they suit my body type and they are the right colours for me. That means I feel comfortable and more confident.  My workmate complimented me on Monday when I wore two of the new items.  I would recommend Nina to anyone that mentions they aren’t so confident with shopping and have similar struggles that I have. I have already mentioned her to a lady at work!

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