Shopping that creates possibilities

Due to popular demand, Style Gorgeous offers a styling package completely focused on shopping.

    • Do you love shopping but feel limited in your options?
    • Are you visiting Wellington for a short trip?
    • Would you like an expert to shop for you?

Style Vacation makes shopping as easy as possible.

Enjoy the journey, as we shop together for styles and looks to suit you.

Style Vacation

Let your stylist take all the hard work out of looking stylish

  • $699 NZD or AUD, including GST
  • Available in person in Wellington, NZ over a four- week timeframe

1. Your Personalised Style Essentials – Together we establish the style essentials that will create gorgeous style for you, so that I can shop for you.

2. Seven Days of Style Discovery – The option to send me photos of you in seven different outfits, before your Style Essentials session. This helps you receive crystal clear advice based on your current outfits.*Optional.*

3. Style Essentials Tour  – See how your personalised Style Essentials play out in the shops by looking at clothes together. 

4. Four-hour Shopping Trip – Four hours of shopping together in Wellington. We can do this in either one or two trips. Be styled in optimal pieces and outfits. Discover new combinations and pieces you would never think to wear. Enjoy the fabulous ‘Pre-shop’ when I take the hassle out of shopping by choosing items ahead of time. 

5. On-call Styling Advice – Not sure about an outfit? Enjoy having your stylist available for on-call advice for four weeks. Send me questions, new ideas and photos of outfits and pieces you want to check with me, six days a week over that time.

Let’s chat in a Style Discovery Call to explore working together