The Ultimate You Prize Event - closes 23 December

Attract women to your brand

The Ultimate You Prize Event will offer over $12,000 worth of prizes in December 2021. It will attract attention and engagement to your premium brand for women, if selected.

Shine like a star
Brand awareness
Social media engagement
Sales volumes

It's difficult to get people in store at the moment

  • Women are more reluctant to shop in store
  • It is crowded online and harder to get noticed
  • Social media engagement takes work
  • We work closely with local women who love to buy premium products

    Tabitha Arthur, Tabitha Arthur Photography
    Nina Fountain, Style Gorgeous
    Alana James, Alana MUHA

    The Ultimate You Prize Event

    This highly attractive prize event will get Wellington women excited about your brand

    Two Wellington women will get to the see themselves the way they have always dreamed

    Two prizes will be awarded:

    Your Ultimate Style (worth $7,000+)

    Celebrity For A Day (worth $5,500+)

    Selected brands will receive cross-promotion by other premium brands, a large number of likes, tags and follows and premium quality photographs of the winners, with release to use

    Partner prize requirements

    Value of your prizes


    At least one premium fashion, accessories, hair or beauty product or voucher worth $250 minimum - e.g. the average price of a garment.
    Needs to be pre-approved (see application form)
    Drop off on 13 December to Strathmore Park
    Your product images + release for this event
    Two social media posts per week using official prize event content and brand guidelines

    How it works

    1. Complete the partner application form

    This will confirm your details, provide the release to use your imagery and answer (we hope) most of your questions.

    2. We'll call you or visit in store

    Most partner applications will be handled over email or on the phone. We may be able to visit in store however we are running this incredible event alongside our businesses, so time may be hard to come by.

    3. Be prepared to enjoy fabulous engagement

    All our partners will cross-promote your brand throughout the month of December. Applicants will tag, like and follow to validate their entries.

    Why this and why now?

    Like you, we are also working to get noticed online. We got our heads together and realised we had an opportunity to do something that would be incredible for women, and for Wellington.

    We love the win-win of a great Christmas for all our brands with this incredible offer.

    We already have $12,000+ of prizes to give away, so this is a great opportunity to jump on board with something that is bound to attract attention.

    Nina's clients have said...

    Tabitha and Alana's clients enjoy feeling like this....


    We are inviting only premium brands. We are not inviting high-street brands or fast fashion outlets. 

    On the list to be invited: LUC Store, Mi Piaci, Deryn Schmidt, Caughley's, Taylor, World, Superette, Jason Lingard, Alpha 60, Coco Wellington, Wanda Harland, Juliet Hogan, Moochi, Trelise Cooper, Kate Sylvester, Yu Mei, Madame Fancy Pants and Inika.

    Please note this list is not exhaustive. We will update the list here once we have confirmed brands. 

    Each post will promote the prize event, and usually at least a few brands. 

    Posts will be in at least two types: 

    1. The event itself, tagging all Partners
    2. Posts that highlight a few of the prizes and tag those named in the post

    This cross-promotion is a huge part of the reason most brands will be involved. As such we do require that you will cross-promote other partners. This is similar to turning up on the same webpage, or your stores being physically near each other. Your products will speak for themselves.

    All partners will be involved in cross-promoting on Instagram and Facebook.

    We will be too 🙂

    Tabitha Arthur Photography on Instagram and Facebook 

    Style Gorgeous on Instagram and Facebook

    Two prizes will be awarded.

    Women will apply to win the prizes. They will need to confirm that they have liked, tagged and followed, to validate their entry. 

    Women will need to qualify by being local, being available, being happy to be featured and so on.

    They will be able to enter once only.

    The application form will be live from 1 December, the link will be shared with you in the official campaign content.

    We launch on December 1st, 2021.

    We know our services change women's lives. We find that often our clients don't have the time and space to treat themselves. We want this to be an incredible, gigantic treat that takes her breath away. 

    By involving other brands we all, together, enjoy the benefits of cross-promotion and getting noticed in Wellington. 

    We want all our applicants to have a consistent experience that gets them excited about the brands involved.

    We'll send you the text and images for a range of social media posts, in two types. One type of post will include tags for the social media accounts of all the other brands. The other type of post will have just a few, depending on the type of post. This way everyone gets cross-promotion and we can bring complementary brands together to excite and inspire Wellington women.

    We'll send you brand guidelines on how to use the images, graphics and copy.

    You are welcome to add to the post and have creative control, while staying within the brand guidelines.

    Yes. The major prize - Your Ultimate Style - is intended to gift the winner garments that suit her style. She will be professionally styled for her photoshoot, using partner brands and possibly some of her own clothing. This means that fashion, shoes and accessories prizes will work best as vouchers. Beauty and hair products could be physical products. 

    Prizes will need to be delivered to an address in Strathmore Park, to be advised, on 13 December 2021.

    We will need product photography very soon, between 23 and 27 November. We plan to get the campaign content back to you on Monday the 29th of November. 

    Excellent! We like that 🙂 Pop on over to the partner application form and see if we have answered your question there. If not, get in touch with Nina via the Style Gorgeous contact form