“That’s a great outfit – I love it on you!”

“That’s a great outfit – I love it on you!” Love that feeling…

You wonder was it the colour or the cut or the fabric. Or the fact that you bought it in an expensive store. That lady who sold it to you was incredibly bossy but maybe she does know what she’s talking about…

Ever been down that little mental alley wondering how to re-create the moment?

What if you could avoid those distracting moments of confusion…

Upping your Style Quotient is the way to be sure, every time.

Instead of thinking maybe it was pure luck that you pulled that compliment – somehow you fluked it – you’ll know ‘heck yes this does look great on me and I’ll look just as good tomorrow 😁

You can up your Style Quotient in one of two ways – you can ask me to coach you or you can ask me to style you.

Coaching is becoming smarter through having a mentor – why reinvent the wheel when someone else can make climbing that mountain more enjoyable?

I can also bring an expert eye to create outfits for you that sing your praises and always send the right message.

Most of my clients want a combination of the two – they want expertise, new ideas, fresh thinking and an expert eye. They want to know how to be their best, most authentic ambassador, every time that it matters.

I work online to coach and style women all over the world. I also work in person in Wellington and take select clients on shopping trips .

– Nina

Download my free 5-tips checklist on how to shop like a pro: http://eepurl.com/cKPYEr

I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop

Last weekend one of my clients told me I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop.

If you don’t have a stylist, don’t try this unsupervised 😆

The idea is that someone visits the shops ahead of time. Taking photos as she goes, she finds all the best things for you. The cream of the crop.

She is focused on just one part of the process for you: selection.

Once she has found your ideal items she shows you a bunch of photographs you can discuss to work out which ones you might like to try on.

The same client who mentioned I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop declared part-way through her shopping trip “I’m a Pre-Shop girl!”

I get it. Who doesn’t want to try on only things that have a high chance of looking fantastic?

Less than an hour later my client had bought about ten items. Wylie Coyote style.

So there you go, I’ve told you about the Pre-Shop 😁

Here are my free 5-tips checklist on how to shop like a pro: http://eepurl.com/cKPYEr

– Nina

Your wardrobe edit could give a jobseeker what they need

Your clothes could help a jobseeker in need

I was really thrilled to take some clothes to Dress for Success Wellington recently – one of my recent clients wanted to donate her ‘No-longer-serves-me’ clothes – you know the ones – they give you low-lying stress every time you open the wardrobe.

Often the clothes that are causing us stress could be great for someone else with a different shape, colour or style.

Or maybe the woman who could use your clothes is at a different stage in her life and needs her clothes to do a different job to what you need right now.

The Style Gorgeous wardrobe edit is a great way to reduce your stress and you can opt to have your clothes donated to Dress for Success.

You can find out more by contacting me

It’s just so lovely to be able to create a win-win through this work.

Every item is appreciated by Dress for Success – they choose what they can use for their clients and sell the rest to contribute to running their service.

I am looking for other projects where Style Gorgeous can make an impact through fashion – if you know of a great one, please get in touch.

– Nina

Become your best ambassador

Style Gorgeous - Become your best ambassador

I am celebrating a couple of great styling sessions recently with the launch of my new tagline.

I used to think that we all want to dress for career success, but who has a career these days in the traditional sense of the word?

One of my clients said to me this morning “I loved shopping for those new outfits, it was effortless and they look good.”

I love that! This gig is so much fun. I really love giving you that experience of stepping out feeling amazing.

It’s about knowing you can present the best version of yourself.

And still giving yourself permission to have pajama days 👀

With my approach to styling, my clients never feel boxed in or bullied into something that isn’t them. I work from the inside out to understand your unique style and work with that.

So thrilled to be sharing this journey with you – giving you the opportunity to be your best ambassador.

Launching my shopping tips e-book soon – message me if you want a copy.

– Nina

I had my own connection with Jacinda’s announcement yesterday

Jacinda's announcement

Anyone a little it excited for Jacinda? What a beautiful thing to happen, and somehow a beautiful thing for working mums everywhere.

I had my own connection with her announcement yesterday, funny enough, when I was buying these shoes.

A lady near me stopped, admired the shoes, asked if they were comfortable and then asked could she take a picture?

New shoes January 2018

She was buying for a friend of hers who is pregnant. It seemed like pregnancy was in the air.

A little later I realised I’ve never had a client who’s pregnant ask me to shop for her. Jacinda Ardern you are welcome to be the first!

It’s a little-known fact that I am a trained shoe fitting specialist, with four years’ experience fitting all shapes and sizes. So I’m your gal.

If you need someone to shop for your pregnant feet or your gorgeous baby bump, I would be honoured.

You can reach me via the contact page on this website or message me personally on FaceBook: Nina Fountain

Enjoy your day 💗

– Nina

“People compliment me on these new dresses”

I received these photos today from one of my gorgeous clients Cornelia Shepherd.

It was a thrill to see that she’d found a few dresses online that are super flattering for her, and bring out her style. And they’re getting her compliments! She gets the most compliments from the green one.

The one with the Japanese-style print is actually taken from a Japanese woodblock print called The Great Wave by Hokusai – in case you notice something familiar about it. Isn’t that cool  I love Japanese woodblocks.

(If you’re wondering which styling package Cornelia took up, it was the Style Injection. I’m so glad that was all she needed to know exactly what to look for online.)

Cornelia thanks for sharing your story!

– Nina Fountain

Helen now enjoys her style even more

Testimonial_ Helen Lazarides

I loved working with Helen recently. Helen is the Treatment Coordinator of a busy clinic so she wants to present a fantastic professional image that fits with her classic, elegant style.

Helen saw an opportunity to dress for work and play in her new, slimmer figure, after losing weight recently. At the same time as wanting to look professional, we discovered that it is important to Helen to have fun with her fashion and together we worked out just how she likes to do that.

Helen bought the Style Therapy package, which gave her an opportunity to edit her wardrobe and explore her favourite looks. We also planned specific outfits for her upcoming trip to Thailand.

Helen gave this review of her Style Therapy package:

“I now have a very workable wardrobe. I can mix and match pieces for casual, work, formal and evening wear. Purchasing a few key items, without breaking the budget enabled me to put some amazing looks together.

Nina helped me to define and express my style after losing quite a bit of weight, by having a look at my existing wardrobe, my style icons, and establishing my colours and body shape. I now have a more direct style, knowing what suits my parameters.

My shopping is easier now. I know exactly what to look for, colours, style and favourite shops. I can confidently wear my new look and totally rock it! People comment on how good I look now!

Nina has the gift of the gab when it comes to making her clients feel and look great about themselves by quantifying their features and working with them to achieve a result that will created a wonderful confidence that radiates to show the results she has achieved!

I have already recommended Style Gorgeous to friends and colleagues.”

To find out more about the Style Therapy package, visit the Packages page or contact Nina today.

Lynda carved out some ‘me’ time

Lynda's shopping trip

I loved lunching and shopping with the gorgeous and lovely Lynda Lovatt today in Wellington central.

Despite having a business and children she carved out some ‘me’ time to shop this season’s trends.

She picked up some beautiful outfits and pieces, including this fun denim jacket that is just right for her outfit today. One of those pieces you can’t leave in the store….

Did you know you can book shopping with me by the hour?

Contact me to find out how I can make your next shopping trip a much more pleasant experience.

*photos shared with permission 💐

Creating confidence for those less cashed up

Dress for success

I had such a blast sharing tips and tricks with these stylists last night – fabulous women doing great work in our community.

If you don’t already know about the work of Dress for Success Wellington or in your local city, you’ll love it.

These lovely ladies give their time to help women from all walks of life walk into an interview feeling confident and ready.

Taking your gifted clothing, they create outfits for women looking for work.

It was a lot of fun to support your great work ladies 

– Nina