Where could style take you? 

Would you like to get clear on your style? Is it time to get onto a path to make that style happen?

Getting clear on your personal style can be no small deal, in fact it can take a lifetime. Our clients work with us because they want to shorten that timeframe and  get clear answers to these questions now - within the next two months or sooner!

The Style Gorgeous packages are designed to you give you both a clear idea of your style and the pieces you need to travel anywhere in style.

Style Passport

Receive all the essentials you need for a style journey you will truly enjoy

With the Style Passport package you discover the clarity you need to make fantastic purchases and outfit selections. Travel in style with the three essentials you need for a truly authentic and gorgeous personal style. Receive your unique and highly personalised Style Passport.

  • $379 NZD or AUD
  • Available both online via video and in person in Wellington, NZ over a four-week timeframe

1. Your Personalised Style Essentials - Discover your best body shape strategy, ideal colours, and style keywords. Receive a seasonal colours analysis using the 12-season colour system. Enjoy insights into your personal style.

2. 90 - minute Style Essentials Tour  - This video call (or in-person session in Wellington) enables you to develop an understanding of your style essentials and see how they play out in your current wardrobe. Develop a clear perspective on how to lift your style and key ways to improve your current collection. We use whichever video platform you are comfortable using: Zoom, FaceBook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp.

3. Seven Days of Style Discovery - The option to send me photos of you in seven different outfits, before your Style Essentials session. This helps ensure you receive crystal clear advice based on your current outfits.*Optional.*

4. Your Completely Individualised Style Passport - This printed, highly personalised passport fits into your handbag and is light enough to carry with you everywhere. It's a reference source for all your unique style essentials. Don't leave home without it. In fact, don't buy clothes or attempt any styling without checking your decisions align with your Style Passport. Your style essentials are the key to lifting your personal style to gorgeous heights. My clients love their Style Passport and I look forward to creating yours.

Style Passport September 2019

Let's discuss where style could take you in a Style Discovery Call

Style Satchel

Create a wardrobe that is a daily source of inspiration 

Your Style Satchel includes your printed Style Passport (because you won't leave home without it) and so much more. You will have everything you need to travel in style - a wardrobe full of pieces you love that feel wonderful, and an even deeper level of clarity about your own personal style.

  • $1079 NZD or AUD, including GST
  • Available both online via video and in person in Wellington, NZ over an eight week timeframe

1. All the Style Passport inclusions - Everything included in the Style Passport package is included in the Style Satchel - your colour analysis, body shape strategy and style keywords and your highly personalised printed passport that fits into your handbag.

2. Clear Style Direction - In the Style Satchel we have a lot more time to develop your style direction. We work through a series of interesting questions and activities to develop clarity about your style. This process establishes your own unique look, which feels just fantastic. We go beyond the style essentials to look at your Style Personality, Inspirational Looks, Influences and Icons. These are all beautifully designed and presented in your highly personalised Style Passport.

3. Full Wardrobe Edit - Together I work in person with you through a collaborative process to decide which pieces to keep and which to give away. We leave no stone unturned to completely re-work your wardrobe so it sings your praises rather than drags you down.

4. Personalised Wardrobe Additions - Working through your wardrobe together we will discover which items are missing from your wardrobe, relevant to your unique style. I will then help you source those pieces on our virtual or in-person shopping trip(s).

5. Four-hour Shopping Trip - One or two guided shopping trips will help you purchase optimal items or outfits. These include the fabulous 'Pre-shop' when I take the hassle out of shopping. You'll see your inspirational wardrobe come to life without having to rustle through piles of clothes.

6. Outfit Curation - This is when we create the wardrobe that works perfectly for where you want style to take you. We pull together your beautiful new pieces into coordinated looks to add to your lookbook.

7. Personalised Lookbook - Clients of Style Gorgeous love their personalised lookbook, containing photos of outfits we create together and looks from elsewhere online to inspire you. Each outfit is a wonderful guidepost. These looks become a personalised framework for inspiration for future purchases and outfits. You'll be able to take them wherever you go.

8. On-call Styling Advice - Have your stylist available for on-call advice eight weeks. Send me photos of outfits, pieces or ideas and receive my replies six days a week.

Let's discuss where style could take you in a Style Discovery Call

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