Club Royal

Club Royal

Do you have money to spend on clothes but your wardrobe just hasn’t come together? Would you like to enjoy your personal style rather than be bored, stressed or annoyed by it?

Experience having a Personal Stylist on hand just like the royals do – intimately involved in your wardrobe selection and outfit creation.

Save money – Buy only pieces you will wear and love. Spend your money on pieces that genuinely look incredible.

Feel confident everyday – You’ll never feel out of place with your own Personal Stylist guiding all your selections and providing all the advice you need.

Express your style as it suits your life – I will get to know every element of your personal taste, style and requirements for outfits. You will be amazed at the details I pay attention to, to help you create your wardrobe and looks.

Save time shopping – I will scour the best shops in Wellington to bring you pieces you love. I can make trips with you to Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney or wherever you would like to go.

You’re worth it – I’ll be your Personal Stylist, on hand and intimately involved in creating every outfit for the next thirty days. You’ll feel just like Princess Kate. You are absolutely worth it.

Never feel confused about what to wear – Together we’ll create optimal, appropriate and beautiful looks for every occasion in your calendar.

Some of my clients have told me that having a Personal Stylist can be intimidating.

I complete appreciate why that is – our style decisions can be incredibly personal.

If you have ever watched ‘Trinny and Susannah’ or the Fashion Police, jaw in hand, I have too! I can’t believe what is said on TV programs like these, for the sake of drama.

That is the opposite of the experience you’ll have with me. I aspire to a collaborative process, where you will receive fantastic advice and I will respect your decisions. People find me warm, friendly and engaging. Clients have also said that I really ‘get’ them. And that I know my stuff.

My business is built on creating gorgeous experiences, not shaming you with guilt, bullying you into outfits you don’t want or making you feel awful. Working with me you’ll have fun and feel like a princess.

Club Royal is $2,999 per month including GST. This service is currently available in Wellington, New Zealand.

As I only offer one of these services per month, I recommend you give me a call to check availability or to find out more about what is included. Start by completing the form below.