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Our Fabulous Woman for November

Our Fabulous Woman for November

Each month we profile a fabulous woman’s styling journey. This month we chat with Tabitha Arthur from Tabitha Arthur Photography.

The primary reason we chose to sit down and chat with Tabitha, other than Tabitha is a super talented portrait photographer, is because Tabitha lives for the same values we do 💖

Tabitha’s main goal in her photoshoots is to make you feel, in her words, “Damn good about yourself”.

Her sessions start with a makeover by one of her favourite hair and makeup artists, so whether it is a professional headshot, personal branding session or simply a personal photoshoot, you always feel like a celebrity. Her journey as a portrait photographer began for one reason, and one reason only:

“I wanted to help women make the world more full of self-love, one client at a time”

And what about Tabitha’s style journey? After years of trying to fit and be accepted by others and struggling with imposter syndrome, Tabitha decided enough was enough.

These days Tabitha describes her personal style as ‘creatively professional, playful and ethical’. She feels more confident with who she is and uses her clothing to reflect that.

The ripple effect of self-love is huge, and Tabitha is on the journey to help all women embrace it.

“It’s time to take back the power of our own individuality, relish in the beauty of our unique bodies, and fill our closet with clothes that bring you confidence and joy!”

If you’d like to learn more about Tabitha and her photography services you can head to her website.

– Nina

Nina Fountain, Personal Stylist

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