I want to help 40 women

I want to help 40 women

Do you have a clear vision of what you expected this year to look like?

I always start the year by getting clear on my vision for the next 12 months ahead and how it aligns with my hopes and dreams for my life and my business. Okay, that might sound a little crazy but it actually keeps me grounded. I always know where I’m going and why I’m there. 

Are you like me and many others where your short term vision and long term plans had to be adjusted due to Covid and the lockdowns?

Don’t fret. A recalibration to your plan is fine, and in fact, is healthy! 

This year my vision is to help 40 women unlock style they completely enjoy. Regardless of the unique challenges our society faces this year, every day I reconnect with my hopes, and I feel one step closer to saying “We did that!”

– Nina

Nina, Personal Stylist

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