September offer - Secure your remote colour analysis
Our September offer – get your colours done

Our September offer – get your colours done

I am excited to launch a new offer, one which will help you get ready to play with your wardrobe again.

The Colour Ticket is your invitation to our trusted remote colour analysis. We have been using this method for over four years -in fact it’s the normal way we do colour analysis. 

We normally only offer this as part of our packages but seeing as everyone is home-bound at the moment and needing an injection of fun and colour, we are making the colour analysis available on its own. 

What is a colour analysis?  

I am so glad you asked 😁

Colour analysis is a method used to determine the colours that look best with your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. Knowing your colours means you can be clear on what looks good on you and feel confident in your wardrobe and make up choices.

As Cat said, “The best thing about my clothes is […] they are the right colours for me. That means I feel comfortable and more confident.” 

Looking for more information? Head to the Colour Ticket page to get more info on this limited time offer, only for September.

I look forward to talking with you – Nina

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