I keep in touch with my Style Travellers

I love to keep in touch with my clients – and my Style Travellers are Personal Styling clients I regularly share tips and ideas with.

One of my Style Travellers is a lady who knew her colours well before we met. In that area she was completely confident. In fact she even knew that people often made the mistake of assuming she is a Summer, when actually she is one of the Spring seasons.

I knew that she had taken a lot from our styling session. But she told me recently something that I really enjoyed.

The style personalities we explored together are “The gift that keeps on giving”.

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that the options you have to choose from are all authentically you. Your pieces don’t only look great on the hanger, they feel good to wear. All day long you feel like “Dang, I look good”.

For my client, knowing her style personalities has given her confidence to dress authentically. What could they do for you?

Is now the time to buy yourself a Christmas present and invest a little in you?

Reach out through a 15 minute Style Discovery Call to find out more about what is in store.

– Nina

It's the gift that keeps on giving - discover your Style Personality
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