“I get compliments nearly every day…”

Jackie O

“I get compliments nearly every day on my new style and colours.

I always say Nina Fountain from Style Gorgeous helped.”

It’s such a privilege to give women an experience that is not just fun but at the same time creates fun that keeps on going.

“Today I was told I’ve got ‘Jackie O style’. Which is fantastic as Jackie O was the style I was going for!”

…. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I keep turning up.

This client walked through her three style foundations and four style features, to end up with a complete concept of how to build a personal style that is absolutely *flattering* and absolutely *her*.

Her body shape and colours are different to Jackie O’s, but there was something about Jackie O’s style that inspired her.

I helped her discover what those things were and what that would look like on her.

Then together we shopped and created looks. I tailored the Style Therapy package to suit her, which is something I tend to do with most of my clients.

You might recall a post from me about two months ago when I talked about an incredible sewist who was on her style journey? This was her. I’m so thrilled with the results she was able to achieve.

– Nina
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There is a way that is more powerful


If you worry about not having enough clothes, it is not all the amazing clothes you have that make you stylish.

It’s not even knowing how to create balance and proportion. Nor the fact that you know quality and can pick it a mile off.

It isn’t that you maximise your colours.

It isn’t even that you can buy designer pieces.

It is definitely not that you have lots of outfits.

In fact all the things that you think make you stylish don’t count if this one thing isn’t right.

Michelangelo said that when he sculpted David it wasn’t so much that he carved David into the rock, it was that he removed everything that wasn’t David.

When we remove everything that isn’t stylish, we end up with stylish.

It might seem like a funny way to look at it but I think a lot of us concern ourselves with ‘becoming stylish’ whereas actually we just need to ‘not be unstylish’.

And in fact, that’s easier!

It’s keeping your standards high – recognising when ‘ok’ feels just ok.

It’s not buying things that you’re not sure about.

It’s sticking with what you know works.

Creating a State of Style, not a few stylish outfits.

I talked about this with a friend over lunch the other day, as she was saying she needs more clothes.

I thought about last year, when I had hardly any money to spend on clothes and yet I picked up clients through word of mouth.

Think about it – have you ever seen the stylish women you know looking frumpy or dishevelled? If you did, would you think something was wrong, because it’s so out of character?

Creating a State of Style is a different way of thinking about style, but it’s much more powerful than trying to become stylish.

– Nina

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Wellington-based event for women who sew – September 2018

Style Explorer event

Can you believe I get to do this?

8 or 10 women who sew, leading them through a fun session exploring their style foundations.

I so admire sewists – they spend years perfecting their craft, months curating their collection of materials and patterns and hours poring over each piece. I admire the patience and attention to detail – it’s incredible.

Lately I’ve met a few women who have found that despite all this, they haven’t been able to get that ‘wow’ factor from their wardrobe.

Through working together they’ve discovered that there’s a slightly different combination of materials, colours, textures, patterns, shapes etc. that brings the ‘wow’ to their pieces.

… Their unique combination of style foundations.

One of these incredible women – Emma Prestidge – wrote a blog post this week about her journey: https://emmasatelierblog.com/…/cultivating-the-ultimate-wa…/

Emma and I got together with Sandra from Sew Social NZ and hatched a plan to make the style foundations more accessible to women who sew. We created a format that requires less commitment than a personal consultation.

The Style Explorer workshop will be a fun opportunity for sewists to explore their style foundations and swap notes with each other.

It’s a great first step to powerful personal style. As far as we know, there is rarely anything like this in Wellington that is tailored to the sewing community.

If you know a woman in Wellington who sews, feel free to share this post with them or the Stylegorgeous FaceBook page.

– Nina