There is magic in ‘no’

No thank you

There is magic in “no”. It’s not the clothes you have in your closet that help you create style, it’s the ones you reject.

It might sound like semantics but there is a reason I regularly encourage my clients to embrace The No.

It’s all too easy to find clothes that are almost good. They look nearly right, you like something about them. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on mistakes like this.

I didn’t arrive at being a stylist but being stylish from my teenage years, I got here through trial and error and realising I had made a lot of mistakes.

I call them mistakes because I created outfits that were somehow good but never great. I looked nice but not amazing. And occasionally one outfit would really come together and it would feel awesome.

When I started to embrace my artistic side more I realised how important it was to me to enjoy my clothes – a source of colour, shape and inspiration that I carry with me all day every day.

That’s when I started educating myself, setting standards and valuing the power of my style.

One of those key standards is something along the lines of ‘don’t accept OK’. I notice that people often want to buy something because it’s ok, and it seems like it would solve the problem and do a good enough job.

Good enough is not enough for you. Not when you want to be your best ambassador.

Embrace The No.

– Nina

This and other tips are in my 5-tip checklist on how to shop like a pro. Enjoy! 🌞

“That’s a great outfit – I love it on you!”

“That’s a great outfit – I love it on you!” Love that feeling…

You wonder was it the colour or the cut or the fabric. Or the fact that you bought it in an expensive store. That lady who sold it to you was incredibly bossy but maybe she does know what she’s talking about…

Ever been down that little mental alley wondering how to re-create the moment?

What if you could avoid those distracting moments of confusion…

Upping your Style Quotient is the way to be sure, every time.

Instead of thinking maybe it was pure luck that you pulled that compliment – somehow you fluked it – you’ll know ‘heck yes this does look great on me and I’ll look just as good tomorrow 😁

You can up your Style Quotient in one of two ways – you can ask me to coach you or you can ask me to style you.

Coaching is becoming smarter through having a mentor – why reinvent the wheel when someone else can make climbing that mountain more enjoyable?

I can also bring an expert eye to create outfits for you that sing your praises and always send the right message.

Most of my clients want a combination of the two – they want expertise, new ideas, fresh thinking and an expert eye. They want to know how to be their best, most authentic ambassador, every time that it matters.

I work online to coach and style women all over the world. I also work in person in Wellington and take select clients on shopping trips .

– Nina

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