I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop

Last weekend one of my clients told me I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop.

If you don’t have a stylist, don’t try this unsupervised 😆

The idea is that someone visits the shops ahead of time. Taking photos as she goes, she finds all the best things for you. The cream of the crop.

She is focused on just one part of the process for you: selection.

Once she has found your ideal items she shows you a bunch of photographs you can discuss to work out which ones you might like to try on.

The same client who mentioned I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop declared part-way through her shopping trip “I’m a Pre-Shop girl!”

I get it. Who doesn’t want to try on only things that have a high chance of looking fantastic?

Less than an hour later my client had bought about ten items. Wylie Coyote style.

So there you go, I’ve told you about the Pre-Shop 😁

Here are my free 5-tips checklist on how to shop like a pro: http://eepurl.com/cKPYEr

– Nina