I had my own connection with Jacinda’s announcement yesterday

Jacinda's announcement

Anyone a little it excited for Jacinda? What a beautiful thing to happen, and somehow a beautiful thing for working mums everywhere.

I had my own connection with her announcement yesterday, funny enough, when I was buying these shoes.

A lady near me stopped, admired the shoes, asked if they were comfortable and then asked could she take a picture?

New shoes January 2018

She was buying for a friend of hers who is pregnant. It seemed like pregnancy was in the air.

A little later I realised I’ve never had a client who’s pregnant ask me to shop for her. Jacinda Ardern you are welcome to be the first!

It’s a little-known fact that I am a trained shoe fitting specialist, with four years’ experience fitting all shapes and sizes. So I’m your gal.

If you need someone to shop for your pregnant feet or your gorgeous baby bump, I would be honoured.

You can reach me via the contact page on this website or message me personally on FaceBook: Nina Fountain

Enjoy your day 💗

– Nina

“People compliment me on these new dresses”

I received these photos today from one of my gorgeous clients Cornelia Shepherd.

It was a thrill to see that she’d found a few dresses online that are super flattering for her, and bring out her style. And they’re getting her compliments! She gets the most compliments from the green one.

The one with the Japanese-style print is actually taken from a Japanese woodblock print called The Great Wave by Hokusai – in case you notice something familiar about it. Isn’t that cool  I love Japanese woodblocks.

(If you’re wondering which styling package Cornelia took up, it was the Style Injection. I’m so glad that was all she needed to know exactly what to look for online.)

Cornelia thanks for sharing your story!

– Nina Fountain