Taking a moment to celebrate…

Celebrating my new contract October 2017

I am celebrating a new contract… I thought I’d take home one of these Witchery military blazers. Yes please.

I know I’m not the only one who enjoys one of life’s highlights with a celebratory purchase. 😊

If you’d like to celebrate your next win with a celebratory shop that will get you looking amazing, get in touch to find out how.


Creating confidence for those less cashed up

Dress for success

I had such a blast sharing tips and tricks with these stylists last night – fabulous women doing great work in our community.

If you don’t already know about the work of Dress for Success Wellington or in your local city, you’ll love it.

These lovely ladies give their time to help women from all walks of life walk into an interview feeling confident and ready.

Taking your gifted clothing, they create outfits for women looking for work.

It was a lot of fun to support your great work ladies 

– Nina