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Ballet flats in winter?

Ballet flats in winter?

Go on, admit it – you wish you could wear your ballet flats all the time.

One of my clients told me recently that she did wear ballet flats almost constantly for a while, and has had issues with her feet ever since.

My Clarks Fitting Specialist skills are coming back (I spent four years fitting children’s feet in proper shoes) and I want to say “Look after your feet, don’t wear flats all day,” but I also know that flats are super versatile and we really do need them.

Coming into the cooler months we’re in that in between-y stage of seasons, where sometimes boots are too much but sandals are not enough. That’s when flats are perfect.

The only problem is when flats are not quite warm enough. What can you do then?

Whatever you do, don’t wear flats with socks. There is nothing good about that combination.

Almost as unflattering is flats with opaque stockings. If you’re at that point, it’s time to SWAP SHOES.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but flats are not your best all-purpose, all-season, wear-me-everywhere-at-all-times shoes.

WEARING BALLET FLATS THIS WEEKEND? Wear them either nude or with a discreet sockette. You might also be able to get away with sheer stockings, depending on the outfit.

See you soon!


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