Ballet flats in winter?

Style Tip- Ballet flats in winter

Go on, admit it – you wish you could wear your ballet flats all the time.

One of my clients told me recently that she did wear ballet flats almost constantly for a while, and has had issues with her feet ever since.

My Clarks Fitting Specialist skills are coming back (I spent four years fitting children’s feet in proper shoes) and I want to say “Look after your feet, don’t wear flats all day,” but I also know that flats are super versatile and we really do need them.

Coming into the cooler months we’re in that in between-y stage of seasons, where sometimes boots are too much but sandals are not enough. That’s when flats are perfect.

The only problem is when flats are not quite warm enough. What can you do then?

Whatever you do, don’t wear flats with socks. There is nothing good about that combination.

Almost as unflattering is flats with opaque stockings. If you’re at that point, it’s time to SWAP SHOES.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but flats are not your best all-purpose, all-season, wear-me-everywhere-at-all-times shoes.

WEARING BALLET FLATS THIS WEEKEND? Wear them either nude or with a discreet sockette. You might also be able to get away with sheer stockings, depending on the outfit.

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Style doesn’t have to be difficult

Cat's testimonial

We’re good at toughing it out.

Trying to smell the roses while the cows are doing their business…. I’ve been there.

Many women have told me that their personal style can be a difficult area.

This past fortnight I’ve had several women ask “How do I get my style back?”

For months and years these ladies have been trying to reclaim their earlier stylishness.

Firstly, I applaud you. I love it when you start asking questions, not because I see opportunity for me – that’s not my motivation – but because I see opportunity for you.

Our outer and our inner – when they’re aligned, it’s a powerful feeling.

And yet many of you feel ripped off by the shops and what is available to you – where can you get clothes that look great on you, and how can you make this whole thing work?

It’s like clothes are made for square pegs and we are all round shaped.

Join me! In less than a week we’ll be exploring your body shape.

You’ll have an opportunity to discover powerful information for making the most of your assets 😊  and it’s coming soon!

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This lady has pulled off a gorgeous combination

This works because... 24 April 2017

This lady has pulled off a gorgeous combination. How did she do it?

This outfit works because… She’s skinny.

No! Not at all. You could wear this too if you aren’t a size six six or eight.

This outfits works because:

* It is all drama – no holding back.

* There is one focus and lots of complementarity.

* At the same time, the secondary notes (shoes, belt, necklace, jacket) are strong enough to make an impression, so that the whole outfit works well together …

(I found this pic shared on Pinterest:

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Why this works: Nili Lotan dress and boots

I know that many women in Wellington take a deep look in their wardrobe and pull out boots most of the time – I can see what they’re wearing! Sunny day? We’re wearing boots.

In the heart of Wellington, boots reign supreme.

For those of you who don’t have to endure our gale-force gusts, your BOOTS + DRESS combinations could take something from this example.

Here’s how to have your way with a Boots + Dress outfit.

Nili Lotan is a ready-to-wear fashion designer in New York who makes beautiful, beautiful things.

This little dress from one of her recent collections is a great way to show off how to pair dress and boots.

(I found this pic shared at

What makes it work?

The first thing that works is that she’s playing with styles – “Edgy and street, meet sophistication”.

There’s drama there – the ankle boots clash with a sleek, feminine dress and that clash stops you in your tracks with a bit of rebel heart.

There’s another clash going on – the army camouflage print is not the usual print for silk. It’s an edgy way to use an otherwise sophisticated and timeless fabric.

She’s bringing out the **sophistication** in this outfit with the accessories – that tiny choker provides a balance to the boots by tipping the outfit in favour of sophistication.

If neither edgy nor street style are your thing, and sophistication isn’t your bag, you can still pull off Dress + Boots.

Relaxed, casual, chic and boho girls can all find ways to wear boots and dresses. Perhaps you’ll try Dress + Boots this weekend…

FOR YOUR NEXT DRESS + BOOTS OUTFIT: Use the power of accessorising to land the ensemble firmly in your style.

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Expand your options through your point of view

The view you adopt profoundly affects the way you live your life

What we believe about ourselves and our abilities fuels our behaviour.

What we believe also predicts our success.

Carol Dweck is a Stanford psychologist who has done us all a huge service.

You can read her book – Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

She showed how changing even our simplest beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, can have a profound impact.

Her work gives us an invitation to believe that we are ‘more’, rather than ‘less’ – to value our possibilities, not our limitations.

She pulls out a body of research that shows us it is possible to rewire our cognition – our character, intelligence and creativity can change!

People have thought for a long time that intelligence, personality, creativity etc. couldn’t change… Carol Dweck’s work shows that all of these are open to change.

“For twenty years, my research has shown that the view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.” Carol Dweck

All of this points to the fact that you’re not a failure, no one is, in fact. We are actually all possibilities waiting to happen.

In this light, your relationship with style is just beginning, if you want it to be.

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Red is one of the most evocative colours on the planet

The right red for you

Red is one of the most evocative colours on the planet.

Perhaps red makes you think of a flower, perhaps you think of a balloon, perhaps a strawberry. Red is the colour of love and of power.

Red is the 4th most favourite colour for women, according to a study that polled people from 22 countries around the world. In that study and another separate study that confirmed it, 9% of women said red was their favourite colour.

This means that there is a decent chance that you’re one of those women! Would you like to be able to wear red?

Red is everywhere. And yet I regularly hear women say that they “can’t wear red.” But did you know that everyone can wear at least one shade of red?

The shade of red that you can wear is perhaps not the same shade that three of your friends can wear, but there is definitely a shade of red that would suit you.

“When in doubt, wear red” – Bill Blass, American fashion designer

Yes, colours can get as specific as that – what suits one person is unlikely to suit three or four women standing near you. Even if you all have dark hair, or you all have olive skin, or you all have brown eyes. Unless you have exactly the same colouring as your friends, you’ll probably wear a different shade of red to what suits them.

How can you know which shade of red is right for you?

This was the topic of a closed / private group I ran on FaceBook during the first week of April, when women were inspired with the colours that suit them best. They uncovered their best colours, and how to distinguish them when shopping. We looked at red and all the colours of the rainbow.

Women joined us from Wellington, Auckland, Sydney, Canberra, Jakarta and Singapore!

These fifty women discovered in seven days what they need to look for and how to look good forever! They discovered the power of colours to give them a lift and to drain their natural colouring if they choose the wrong ones. They even discovered a full palette of colours that are well suited to them. These were just a few of the highlights.

Comments from the group were amazing: “Thank you!” – “Your advice is very much appreciated” – “Great to know!” – “Thanks, that’s so helpful!” – “Thanks to you Nina, I’m now also adding crisp light colours to my wardrobe” – “Just reread again all your amazing insight” – “This is awesome Nina!” – “This is great information!” – “You really know your stuff!”

Colours matter so greatly because we tend to have our ‘go-to’ colours – the ones we pull first from our wardrobes or first off the rack. They’re a safe bet, they seem to ‘work’.

However sometimes those favourite colours contribute to you looking tired and worn out, or people think that you have put on weight or gained a few wrinkles.

The impact can be subtle or profound.

When you want to make a great impression, you want to know how to skew the effect the other way – so that you get compliments! If you’re like me, you would probably prefer people to notice your really great features, not the ones that you could be self-conscious about.

Perhaps you just want to look in the mirror and enjoy the picture that looks back at you.

If you’re ignoring the power of colour, that will have a significant impact on your success with your personal styling.

Today you have access to a 7-Day course to teach you how to get your colour options right. The course is presented in a multi-page PDF.  I help you discover your colour options, with seven activities, one for each day.

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Each month we cover a new style foundation, to equip you with the keys you need to define your style.

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Our style often goes through shifts – if your life or work has changed within the last five years, you could be in the middle of a style evolution. If that’s the case, this will be perfect for you.

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Fear of failure could be your most powerful limitation

Fear of failure could be your biggest limitation

Fear of failure could be your most powerful limitation.

Edwin Herbert Land was an American scientist and inventor.

He was known as ‘Dr’ but it was an honorary title – he had no formal degree.

He invented polaroid film and later the Polaroid camera (among other things). He did it without formal training or supported access to laboratory equipment (he snuck into the lab at night)!

He was a true visionary with incredible determination.

He brought us something amazing, because he wasn’t afraid to fail.

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail” – Dr Edwin Land

If you’re after more creativity, diversity and inspiration in your style, putting aside your fear of failure is a great first step! Nina xo

Colour could add ten years or take them off

Rose Red vs Watermelon Red

Colour could add ten years or take them off.

Red is a popular colour, and everyone can wear red, but which shade of red is right for you? If your best colour is watermelon red, you won’t do well with orange-red.

Orange-red will be the one that gets you zero compliments, and when you look in the mirror you’ll wonder, ‘Did I get enough sleep last night?’ and ‘Is that a new wrinkle?’

For someone else, orange-red will be the colour that gets them compliments everywhere they turn.

But what makes this so?

Around 50 women discovered the answer last week in 7 Days of Style Inspiration, a closed FaceBook group by Nina Fountain.

We explored their colour foundations and why for them, one shade might be amazing, while another is disastrous.

Comments from the group: “Thank you!” – “Your advice is very much appreciated” – “Great to know!” – “Thanks, that’s so helpful!” – “thanks to you Nina, I’m now also adding crisp light colours to my wardrobe” – “Just reread again all your amazing insight” – “This is awesome Nina!” – “This is great information!” – “You really know your stuff”

Women were able to make better choices about what to wear and shop for. They now know which colours are optimal for them!

Would you like the same opportunity? Join the waitlist for 7 Days of Style Inspiration beginning in May, when we’re looking at body shape.

We’ll come back to colours in a few months and you’re welcome to stay in the group as long as your journey lasts.

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