A coherent outfit could make all the difference to your style

A coherent outfit could make all the difference to your style.

People talk about clothes and outfits being ‘easy on the eye’ – when you look at an outfit, it just feels right.

Something about it just works. It’s what people call ‘put together’.

It’s like a great meal, or a beautiful artwork. People know it when they taste it or see it, but they don’t necessarily know how to get there or to create it themselves.

Not to worry, you don’t need to become Monet or Matisse to develop a great sense of coherence in your outfits.

But you do need to know a bit about who you are right now. If you’re going to get that sense of wholeness and coherence about your look, then you’ve got to get clear about what’s distracting and confusing.

One of the most obvious ways that people get confused about their style is when they’re choosing their colours.

I’ll be walking a select group of career women through a 7-day process of discovering their colour options, in my free FaceBook group – 7 Days of Style Inspiration – starting tomorrow.

Be the first on the list to join next month’s intake, when we’ll be looking at a new styling goal that will help you define your current style so that you can be clear and free of distractions.

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It can be as easy as you dreamed

It can be as easy as you dreamed.

It IS possible to look in your wardrobe and have a huge number of options.

I have services that can achieve that for you. But perhaps they’re not right for you.

What would be right for you? I’d love to know.

I would love to know more about you and what you’re dealing with.

What interests you right now about style? What challenge is on your mind?

This questionnaire will help me to help you, better than I am able to now.

For example, I recently announced a free FaceBook group where working women can get free, personalised attention and achieve a new styling goal every month!

This month we’re looking at colours – one of the foundations of great styling.

What about you? If I know more about you and your situation, I can tailor the content and support I offer so that it works perfectly well for you.

Perhaps your answers will spur on the next focus in the 7 Days of Style Inspiration group!

You don’t need to know any styling jargon to complete this questionnaire and there is only one required question.

So jump on in! Click the link below.


It could be so easy to change up your style

It could be so easy to change up your style…
Here is a Google Review from one of my clients this week – Ute Lambrecht – thank you Ute!
“Choosing Nina as my stylist was one of the best investments I made over the last year! I knew what looked good on me but my styling range was so narrow and predictable – I wanted to change things up.
Nina has an amazing eye for what’s flattering and what’s merely meh. Her genuine and non-judgmental approach made me feel comfortable to open up my wardrobe for her to help me create new outfit combinations and go shopping with me. I highly recommend Style Gorgeous!”
It is so satisfying to see people transform when they connect with the style that really works for them, for their current life and style.
I am now taking names for my FaceBook group – 7 Days of Style Inspiration – about to launch this weekend!
Join the waitlist, to receive personalised attention and daily activities that will inspire your style.
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I gave my confidence a huge boost

I gave my confidence a huge boost.

Like many of us, my journey with understanding my colours was patchy at best.

I remember when my mum had her colours done – I was around the age of eight at the time.

With her newfound understanding she worked out (correctly) that I was a ‘summer’ in Carole Jackson’s famous colour system.

But I didn’t like the verdict – I was told that my best colours were pastels but since then I’ve largely rebelled against pastels.

I’ve avoided them like the plague, and often wondered whether ’summer’ was actually the correct season for me.

Now that I’m a personal stylist, I understand that ’summer’ was the correct season for me, but I’m an unusual ’summer’ – I have an auburn cast to my hair, and my hair is dark, so I can actually wear quite well the darker colours and wonderfully bright colours that are in my closet.

But I knew that!

I had my natural instincts confirmed. I also discovered an even broader range of colours than I realised I could wear.

I found confidence in confirming that I wasn’t a ‘non-season’, or thinking I was the wrong season.

You are welcome to join my 7 Days of Style Inspiration FaceBook group to inspire your own style. This month we’re talking about colours! You’ll discover your colour options – what looks great, what washes you out and how you can tell. See you there.

Did you know that not everyone suits black?

Did you know that not everyone suits black?

Black has become our go-to colour for business wear. And yet, it is actually only flattering for a specific group of people.

Black could be the reason that you’re feeling washed out and your skin looks worse….

Black could be the reason that people ask you ‘Are you ok?’ or ‘Have you been unwell?’.

On the other hand, black could also be one of your best colours, if you’re one of the lucky ones!

You can find out your colour options, including whether black works for you, in a private FaceBook group launching later this week!

You’ll receive personalised attention and new ideas for 7 days. You’ll also discover your colour options – which are your good and bad colours, and how you can tell. See you there!

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Even gorgeous women feel self-conscious

“Even gorgeous women feel self-conscious.

I witnessed Brooke Shields confess bravely and candidly to an audience that at seventeen, paging through a magazine whose cover she graced, she felt that she didn’t look as good as the other models.” – Stacy London

If you would like to dress with more confidence you can now join my free FaceBook group to receive 7 Days of Style inspiration.

Each day you’ll receive new ideas and opportunities to develop your style, starting with your colour options. The group will officially launch on 1 April 2017. 

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Seeing my name in print…

What’s not to love about a ‘Works’ seat from Wellington to Sydney and back on Air New Zealand?

There is a reason Air NZ was again named best airline in the world last year… for the fourth year running.

They get the little things right. There is something so powerful about seeing my name in print – it made me want to share this photo with you.

Yes, you’re looking at my in-seat entertainment screen as I caught the plane from Sydney to Wellington.

When was the last time you made an effort to remember and use someone’s name?

They say that Bill Clinton was so successful because he had the gift of making you feel like you were the only one in the room.

Regardless of your politics, there is something to be said for personalised attention.

What could that mean for you this week?

I hope you’re inspired to give your staff and colleagues a little more personalised attention and let them feel that they have your complete attention.

p.s. Let me know if you’d like to join my new FaceBook group – 7 Days of Style Inspiration. It will help you dress for the career you want. First up, you’ll develop an understanding of your colour options.

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What to wear on TV

I had a television interview last week…

In my other business as a management consultant, I’ve developed a specialist expertise, which I was interviewed about on SKY TV.

A TV interview? Help!

There were interview questions to prepare, answers to consider and another issue to resolve – what to wear.

Green screens, shiny earrings, the fact that TV apparently adds 10 pounds to your appearance….

What to wear wasn’t my first concern but I was still incredibly glad when a friend of mine was able to give me great TV interview advice AND tell me what not to wear.

So, if your career takes a turn and you find yourself with the opportunity for a TV interview, let me know and I’ll be happy to share.

* No shiny earrings or clothes
* Keep your clothing fitted, no billowing tops
* Don’t wear green in case they use a green screen behind you
* No stripes or fine patterns

Sounds strange but the whole thing was a lot of fun. I hope you get the experience.

Here is a pic of the show’s host – Jon Dee – fixing his earpiece during the ad break.

Look out for my new FaceBook group launching on 1 April – 7 Days of Style Inspiration. If it is time to invest in yourself and your career, it could be time to join this group.

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Start your week with a success booster

Here is a success booster to start your week.

We’ve all heard that your income tends to be the average of your five closest friends’ income. Or is it six? 😉

And that you can tell a person’s character by the friends they hang around with.

Does that mean that we should ditch our friends? Not at all.

Perhaps by adding, rather than subtracting, we can make positive changes to our circle of influence.

I don’t think this means ditching your friends. I do think it means embracing opportunities to meet with, hang out and talk with people who are living life how you want to live yours.

For you this might mean welcoming opportunities to talk about style more, if that’s an area of your life where you want to grow.

You may like to join my new FaceBook group: 7 Days of Style Inspiration, where you’ll find a community of women talking about style ideas. I also give daily input – you’re bound to be inspired with ideas for your style.

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